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Active Studies

This study is to reduce sexual risk-taking among men who have sex with men and use stimulants. We want to learn what types of treatment programs best help men to decrease their stimulant use as well as lower their risk of getting HIV through safer sexual behaviors. 

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A study to survey and interview people who use and distribute drugs and conduct drug checking of the local drug supply to understand risk and protective factors for stimulant-involved overdoses in 4 communities – Providence, RI; Brockton, MA, Lawrence, MA, and Lynn, MA.

Positive STEPS

A program for HIV+ adolescents and young adults under 30 who struggle with taking their ART. We have developed a series of technology-enhanced problem-solving strategies to help individuals overcome difficulties sticking to a daily medication regimen.

Trans Aging Project

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Completed Studies

Project GRACE



Study Results - TBD



A pilot study for people who are currently taking Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD). The goal of this research is to improve mood and enhance behavioral skills to navigate life challenges in order to maintain engagement in care and decrease opioid use.

Study Results - TBD

Life Skills 

Chicago and Boston, 2012-2016

An efficacy test of uniquely targeted HIV risk reduction for young transgender women.

Stronger Together

Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago, 2015-2017

A couples-based approach to linkage to care and antiretroviral adherence.

PrEPare for Work

Rhode Island, 2017-2019

A study among men who have sex with men about money, sex, and PrEP (a daily pill to prevent HIV).

Study Results


Rhode Island and Massachusetts, 2019

A brief interview of transgender adults to voice their individual and community experiences.

Study Results


Rhode Island and Massachusetts, 2018-2019

An survey of adults who inject drugs and are living in non-urban areas across New England.

Study Results

PrEPped to Pay

Rhode Island, 2018-2019

A study among men who report paying for sex with other men about their interest in PrEP.

Study Results

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