An efficacy test of uniquely targeted HIV risk reduction for young transgender women.

Chicago and Boston, 2012-2016

Life Skills

A couples-based approach to linkage to care and antiretroviral adherence.

Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago, 2015-2017

Stronger Together

A study among men who have sex with men about money, sex, and PrEP (a daily pill to prevent HIV).

Rhode Island, 2017-19

PrEPare for Work

A brief interview of transgender adults to voice their individual and community experiences.

Rhode Island and Massachusetts, 2019


An survey of adults who inject drugs and are living in non-urban areas across New England.

Rhode Island and Massachusetts, 2018-19


A study among men who report paying for sex with other men about their interest in PrEP.

Rhode Island, 2018-19

PrEPped to Pay